Wednesday, 15 June 2011

30-Day Challenge: Days 13 and 14

Day 13's intake: about a zillion *sigh*
No, maybe not quite, but definitely over 1,000. Possibly over 1,500. I don't remember exactly what I ate so can't go and look it up retrospectively. Probably for the best... :|

Day 14 (yesterday - I'm so behind!) was better:

  • Breakfast: 60g low fat smoked sausage, 2 wedges of melon (120+50 = 170)
  • Lunch: Slim-a-soup, Apple, Nectarine (40+80+40 = 160)
  • Afternoon: 3 bites rhubarb crumble (100?)
  • Dinner: 1/2 brown tortilla, 1 piece liver, 1/2 cup onions/bell peppers, 1/4 cup rice, 1 Tbsp grated cheese (100+30+50+80+40 = 300)
  • Evening: 1 rich tea biscuit (35)
Total: 765

Exercise: 1 hour power-walk, down and up a very steep hill. I was super-proud of this, not because it was a massive amount of exercise compared to what some of you guys do, but because this hill is huge, and steep, and feels interminable, but I kept a fast pace all the way up it. I was also proud because I was feeling really needy and wanting to spend some time with A, but he was working on something; I could feel myself getting really indignant about this, but instead of throwing a hissy fit I put my agitation to productive use. I know, big deal, right? Good job Sophie, you acted like every other normal human being. Well that may be, but there's something to be said for baby steps...

So. Questions, then the results of this morning's weigh-in.

Are you losing weight in a healthy or an unhealthy way?
I think in a fairly healthy way. Technically I should probably up my calories a little and up my exercise to compensate, but I just abhor every kind of exercise I've ever tried, except for walking (which I love) and dancing (which I also love, but sadly no-one else I know does, and it's less fun on your own!), but overall I don't think the current plan is so bad.

What's your UGW? When do you hope to reach it?
This is a tough one. My lowest was 96lbs, so the competitive part of me wants to beat that. The rational part, though, knows that the corresponding BMI of 16 is unhealthy and requires a slavish devotion to maintain. I suppose my goal is to get down to 110 and be happy with that. I'd said at the start of this challenge, kind of without thinking, that I'd like to be 110 by the end of June, but losertown tells me that it's more realistic to aim for mid to late August. (How's that for a miscalculation?!)

Today's weigh-in wasn't as bad as I'd hoped. I was sure I'd have gained since Saturday, but in fact I'd lost half a pound :) I know, it's a tiny amount. But it's not a gain! Between now and next Wednesday I'd love to get down to 118 / 119. That shouldn't be difficult as long as I don't binge.

Tomorrow and Friday we're eating out, so I just need to be super-careful with that, and stop making excuses not to exercise (!!), then I think this week should go okay.

I've loved catching up on your blogs the last few days; keep writing :)


Ash O'Brien said...

Thank you for your comment yesterday, it meant the world to me. Sometimes you never know how far a few sweet words across the World Wide Web can go. But, yours hit me right in the heart. Thank you, again. You have a lovely soul. I hope you and your husband are doing well, xx When did you get married?

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Camille said...

Good job on your intake yesterday! 785 with a power walk is impressive. My neighborhood is EXTREMELY steep-hilly, so I know that you can burn some major calories doing that!

110 sounds like the perfect weight - it's healthy but you'll still be able to maintain it by eating 1200 calories per day when you do finally start upping your calories.

you're doing a fantastic job, girl!! keep it up!