Thursday, 2 June 2011

30-Day Challenge: Day 2

Shittest day ever.

Intake 640 though, so it wasn't a total loss.

Exercise - nil, unless you count a 40-minute walk during lunch break, which I don't.

Sorry for the horrible mood, maybe tomorrow I'll be a nicer person.


hey.hana said...

Hey, at least your intake is so great! You get 560 points from me:)

Gianni said...

Hey, 560 is still pretty good. A 40 minute walk is at least two miles, so that's definitely a plus!

And don't feel like it is your job to be nice or please any of us. This is YOUR BLOG, so you say and do what you want. :)

Cinnamon Brown said...

Hey, Babe!

640 seems ver reasonable to me and do count that walk, it's still exercise!

You're doing great! Today will be better. *Big Hug*! <3. XXX.

Cinnamon Brown said...

By the way, I hope that Korean lady goes bald! How could she cut off so much hair?!

My previous hairdresser would practically make you sign a contract, stating that you definitely want her to go ahead and cut our hair off. She used to work in a dodgy part of town and was once held at gunpoint by a mad woman who told her that if she fucked up her hair, she was going to shoot her! WTF?!

Hope you had a good Friday. <3. XXX.