Sunday, 5 June 2011

30-Day Challenge: Day 4

Ok, I'm a little embarrassed about what exactly I ate on day 4, so, even though it's not really in keeping with the spirit of the thing, I'm not going to post the details here! I did stay just under 900 which ticks the 500-1000 box. In terms of exercise, I'm doing pretty badly. A couple hours of gardening left me *feeling* as though I'd done a workout but I know it's didn't burn half as many calories.

I have two days of questions to answer, but you get some pictures with one, so don't fall asleep while I talk ;)

A picture of your thinspiration. What features do you like about this person?

Actually the person who probably best fits here is a real girl that A and I both know, and I don't think either he or she would appreciate her photo being used here for that purpose. In general, though, I find real girls more thinspiring than professional models / actresses. I'm not denying the hard work that those ladies put into looking good, but I honestly think that given a personal trainer, personal nutritionist, stylist, and the pressure of the whole world looking at us, we'd all have a pretty good shot at looking like that. Add to that the heavy photoshopping that's done to magazine photos etc, and it's not surprising that we think they roll out of bed every morning looking tiny and perfect.

But when I see 'normal' girls walking down the street who look like that, that seems amazing to me. Girls who've achieved this thing we're all looking for, all by themselves, as if it's a totally effortless, normal thing to do.

What are your greatest fears about weight loss? 

That I'll miss it. That I'll weigh 100lbs and still just see fat. Or, that it won't make me like myself any more than I do now. What if thin Sophie isn't any better a person than fat Sophie?

Ok, must try and tackle today's to-do list.

Here's to the second half of week one! Best of luck to you all <3


Kat not Jas said...

I agree! "real girls" are definitely the best thinspo! if they can do it, then it can be done :)

Beth said...

I'm really gutted I missed the start of the 30 day challenge! Is it too late to start now? :)