Monday, 3 November 2008


*sigh*… Some “fast” that turned out to be. I copped out, not once, not twice, but EVERY SINGLE DAY. Years ago when I first failed my driving test (for driving *into* a roundabout instead of going around it, heh) I joked -- remember when it was possible to dismiss failures with a chuckle instead of becoming consumed by them? Seems unthinkable now -- that if you’re going to fail at something, you might as well fail spectacularly. That certainly applies to the last few days. Yesterday was the worst. Birthday cake??! What was that about?? Since when did bloody birthday cake feature on a fasting plan??? It was hideous. (Not the cake, more’s the pity. The binging.)
Most mornings, the only thing that can hoist my fat ass out of bed into the cold is the knowledge that a) I’m not getting any thinner lying in bed, and b) only if I get up can I weigh myself. These last few days though, even the prospect of another mind-numbing day at work is more effective at forcing me up than the prospect of stepping on the scales.
Things to be positive about:
I’m thinner today than I was a month ago.
Today is the start of a new week and the chance to work harder, be better, thinner, lighter.
This evening I’m buying some red beads after work to make an ana bracelet :)

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