Thursday, 20 November 2008

"Goddamn, change of pace...

...I think you've got a piece of my heart on your face. It's a shame to let it waste; how does it taste? How does it taste?"

BF broke up with me last night out of the blue; I feel totally alone. I just feel like I'd given everything that I had and was until I was completely depleted, but everything I had and was was still found lacking and inadequate, and now I’m left completely drained of self. How to sate such a feeling? And when did I ever let myself need another person so? Such self-induced vulnerability is surely a greater psychosis than any other.

“We turn skeletons into goddesses and look to them as though they might teach us how not to need.” - Marya Hornbacher

But mightn't they just...?

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Fallen-Angel said...


i love Marya Hornbacher ^-^