Tuesday, 28 October 2008


On the plus side, yesterday continued in a pretty positive vein and it was nice to have a little respite from feeling so blah the last few weeks. On the minus side, the scales haven’t budged for about a week and by this morning I’ve had enough of waiting. I’ve obviously not been trying hard enough or I’d be getting results - only a few more pounds to my STGW; *why* the hell can’t I shift them?! It’s doing my nut. Today begins a 6-day fast. I’m not seeing anyone this evening so it’s easy not to eat, then tomorrow I’m seeing BF but it should be pretty easy to tell him to go ahead and eat and I’ll meet him after dinner. Thursday evening is home group at the church, so there’s no time for dinner anyway. …Friday might be more of a problem; I’m meant to be going to stay the night at E’s and she’s been talking about mince pies and baileys of all things… certainly not in the fast plan!! Might be easiest to just tell her I’m fasting and hope she respects it. Weekend is busy and full of different groups of people so should be easy to always claim I’ve just eaten with someone else. I figure if I fast til Sunday but keep exercising it should just keep my metabolism going enough not to screw me over completely.
If I was really hardcore I guess I’d do a water fast but I’m going to allow myself tea and coffee, sugarfree squash, water (obviously), and maybe in the evening a low calorie hot chocolate to help me sleep. I’m out of sleeping tablets and *totally* skint so can’t buy any more til after Friday (payday yay!)

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L said...

hey thanks for reading! i feel a little frumpy writing-wise compared to your poetry...seriously, just your writing style inspires me to eat less!

stay skinny!