Thursday, 6 November 2008


Weekend is fraught with hazard! Tonight I’m going to a friend’s house with the BF to watch Dirty Dancing - she’s already planned dinner; I kid you not, without batting an eyelid, “I really fancy sausages and mash with onion gravy”! Sausages and mash??? What’s that about?! Maybe if all I had planned for the *whole* rest of the weekend was a date with the treadmill, that might be an option. And don't even get me started on the "munchies" for during the movie. *sigh…*
Saturday night is a house party at BF’s friend’s place. In all fairness I am really looking forward to that, but am desperately trying - to no avail, nobody seems to know - to find out whether there’s a sit-down meal involved (hard to avoid eating with everyone sitting together) or whether we’ll just pick at finger foods while we mingle (easy to wander round with some food on a plate for an hour or so pretending you plan to eat it).
Sunday BF and I are going to his grandparent’s for lunch - again, I’m looking forward to it, they’re lovely, but as he said (with a massive grin, bless him) “We’ll be well-fed there!” I looked at him with horror and asked what he meant; he replied “Y’know, that’s grandparents’ job - spoiling the grandchildren!” Yes. Indeed.
I know I could just opt out of one of these events, but the point of the exercise was never to become a social recluse, and what’s the point of losing weight if you never leave your house and no-one ever sees it?? Which, of course, begs the question “who are you losing for?”. Hm. A question for another day perhaps. For now I’ll just try and come up with some ways to avoid putting on about 30 pounds over the weekend…
Incidentally, if any of you aren’t familiar with the site there’s a good little section on there called “secrecy” with some useful suggestions for getting out of eating :) Come to think of it, there are a lot of good little sections actually, I'd highly recommend taking a look if you don't already!
On the plus side, it's Friday woopwoop! If I had to spend another day in this office I would literally cut out my eyes. (Isn't it annoying when people say "literally" when they clearly don't mean anything of the sort? Heh.) Bring on the weekend. Minus all the food :(

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nadja said...

oh my, i know exactly what you mean! every weekend i face these same questions - the whole point of losing weight is to be okay around people, but if being around people makes me gain weight... aaarrgghhh!