Monday, 10 November 2008


I’m so sad that L decided to delete her blog :( I’m sure I’m not the only one who’ll miss reading it. Every day when I get into work and turn my computer on, you guys’ blogs are the first thing I look at - you inspire me :) It's probably not so wise to do it at work, seeing as they monitor our internet use, but I’d rather people here know than people at home; my parents have been through enough this year and it would just break their hearts if they got back from Canada and this stuff was all over the family computer.

So, the weekend was lots of fun, I got to hang out with some really great people and also relax a little with my BF which was lovely. Things have been a little stressed between us lately so it was nice to just have fun together. However, as expected, I ate like an absolute pig and it showed on the scales this morning :( Am trying *really* hard not to dwell on it, but I’m so disgusted with myself. Determined to get down to my STGW by the end of the week, am looking for some really great thinspo tonight and hope to get some up here soon.

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