Thursday, 16 October 2008


Well, went to my BF’s last night as planned; having fasted throughout the day as I’d intended to, I decided it was going to be way simpler to break the fast and pick at a bit of dinner in the evening than to concoct some elaborate excuse for not eating, so I ate some boiled green beans, the skin off my jacket potato (for the vitamins), picked a few carrots out of the stew, and obviously turned down dessert, and nobody said anything. Can’t tell if I was down this morning because his scales always put me as a couple pounds lighter than mine - which is nice, but inaccurate! I plan not to eat again until tomorrow night; we’re going to London for the evening so I’ll probably be expected to pick at some dinner, but that would only mean 2 small meals in 72 hours so I’m not too stressed.
When I got into work this morning I saw that someone had brought in a massive 1kg tin of chocolates and a couple boxes of shortbread cookies; it’s kind of fun to watch everyone eating them and know that I don’t have to :)

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