Thursday, 17 March 2011

Thinspo Music

I'm going to hold off from posting anything real personal here at the moment, but have been meaning for a while to post some songs that I think people who read this blog might be able to identify with. I've left Fiona Apple and Superchick off the list, as well as anything with ED-references in the title, just because I think those are fairly obvious. I've also tried to resist the temptation only to list those songs that make me want to wallow in despair, and have included some more upbeat ones too. Enjoy :)

Joydrop - American Dreamgirl
Maria Mena - Eyesore
Maria Mena - Just a Little Bit
Maria Mena - Cause and Effect
KT Tunstall - Suddenly I See
The Bird and The Bee - Man
Counting Crows - Anna Begins
Jill Sobule - Supermodel
Elliott Smith - Pretty (Ugly Before)
Kelly Clarkson - Addicted
Filter - Skinny
Lisa Loeb - She's Falling Apart
Michael Jackson - Man in the Mirror
Eleanor McEvoy - Sophie
Elby - Travelling Light (may or may not make sense...)
Korn - Make me Bad
King Adora - Big Isn't Beautiful (ok, so this is probably in Fiona Apple territory)
Jimmy Robbins - Breathe Again
Juelz Santana - Drop a Couple Pounds
Mariana's Trench - Feeling Small
Foo Fighters - Skin and Bones

And here's one that's nothing to do with eating or not eating, and is a little gratuitously depresssing, also a little bit country :/ but beautiful nonetheless...
The Band Perry - If I Die Young

Of course there are many others that don't spring to mind just at the moment; feel free to suggest anything you think should have made the list!

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