Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Sheepish on Shrove Tuesday

So, I know this is a huge, fat cop-out, and I do feel embarrassingly weak, but contrary to what I wrote so enthsiastically yesterday, I'll actually not be joining Cinnamon Brown on her new portion-plan adventure until tomorrow. This is for the incredibly worthy and noble reason that it's pancake day (aka Shrove Tuesday) here in the UK, we're having a guest coming to eat pancakes with us this evening, and I'm just not willing to sit in front of him and A eating mine out of a ramekin! Pretty lame, huh? :/ But pancake day comes but once a year... and clothes maketh not the man! (That part's not really relevant, it just sprung to mind so I thought I'd put it out there.)

In other news, the sun has finally come out here... it turns out we're not in Narnia after all :)

I hope you all are healthy and happy, and getting closer to that elusive perfect size.

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Cinnamon Brown said...

Three cheers for pancake day! You can't possibly miss that! Besides, you've got 40 days to restrict, right? Live a little, girlfriend!

I can't blame you, can you imagine the look on your guests' faces to see you eating pancakes out of a ramekin? Hilarious! I fear they might call the nuthouse!

Hope you enjoy Shrove Tuesday and have a cinnamon pancake for me, Love! Catch up with you tomorrow. *Big kiss*! <3. XXX.