Wednesday, 21 January 2009


i stand corrected!
credit where it's due; that last post should have read 2in the infinitely cooler words of daft punk" - thanks hey.hana, i'm a little ignorant about these things sometimes :)

so... i took a massive gamble the other day, and told my parents about this. not about this blog - i think it would really hurt them to read it - but about this whole eating / anxiety / loss of control fiasco. it was a pretty teary and uncomfortable conversation, i still live with them, so they'd obviously suspected something was up for a while but i guess it was still hard to hear it confirmed. i was just so tired of constantly having to think up excuses, "i had a big lunch", "my tummy hurts", "i'm eating at a friend's house later", and i don't like lying to them either. i figure this way at least i can be honest at mealtimes "i have an eating problem, it's really hard for me to eat right now, please try to respect that" and the whole thing's less of a farce. i can't really say for sure how it'll work out long term because it's only been a couple of days, nd i actually *was* eating at a friends house so don't know how it's going to work out around the house yet, but i'll let you know...!

haven't managed to get as much exercise in this week as i'd have liked but not eaten as much as i might have either. just feeling kind of blah.


neverknowingwhy said...

im not sure if paul mckenna is unconciously affecting me although i have found it easy to stick to restriction so that might be why. but the actual cd u listen to is sooooo relaxing so i like doing it even if its not working.

i used to be obsessed with options gone off it now tho! have u tried skinny cow hot choc? only in uk though i think


Laura, leave it alone said...

Wow....wish I could be that up-front with the 'rents.

AnaBullshit said...

impressive! How did they react? I don't think i could have ever just outed myself to my parentals...they figured it out eventually, but it was really brave of you to just put it out there for them to deal with! Congrats :)