Tuesday, 13 January 2009

heads up

all you uk girls, this month's issue of vogue comes with a *great* catwalk minimag. even if you don't normally buy vogue (i don't either, but was looking for some new thinspo), buy it this month just for the freebie! it's like a ready-made thinspo book; every page is full of it :)

on the minus side, it did make me feel like shite because of what a complete heifer i am in comparison but i guess that's the point, right? no pain no gain.

i'm absolutely loving c&s right now, it's my saving grace while i'm stressed with home stuff. does anyone else wonder though if it's bad to get so used to the taste of sweetness in your mouth? i wonder if i shouldn't even *taste* that much sugar, in case that in itself is bad...?

hating how much i weigh, i'm disgusted and ashamed of myself. i can't lose fast enough. for the first time, i'm literally terrified of putting on weight. i've never felt so desperate before, and that scares me even more. i'm stuck between drowning in fatness and drowning in fear.


hey.hana said...

I feel ya. But fear is a great motivator - at least for me. I think of myself in a bikini and the urge to put whatever in my mouth completely disappears.

Now, if only I can develop a fear of very messy rooms! :]

Leni said...

I know how you feel. I can't wait to finally see the weight go off. But it is soooo slow and appears (at least to me) as if it wouldn't go down at all. I want it fast, I want it now.

I hope you're doing better soon. You'll see when you got on the scales next time you will have lost, which makes your mood rising within no time.

Just take a look at those pictures from the magazine: You will be there, too! It took the models a time, too, to get where they are. And actually they're not that stunning without all this professional make up and stuff. ;-)

SophiaRuins said...

oh god i feel THE EXACT same way.
i usually buy vogue and W magazine cuz im subscribed to em.
imma fashion beast XD


but dont feel bad, when you see people in the magazines, just remember that someday, youll be there and youll have all the fat girls wishing they were you. =]

good luck!

XOXO Sophia Ruins <3