Sunday, 4 January 2009

Back to work...

It's been nice to have some time off over Christmas but I'm so ready to get back to work tomorrow. I'm looking forward to seeing my colleagues and having some routine to my days, but mostly I'm *dying* to get back to the food routine. I've totally fallen off the wagon over Christmas and am eager to get back to where I was at the start of December. I know I can get there because I've been there before. And I know it'll be easier once I'm out of the house and don't have food within arm's reach all day long. I looked in the mirror yesterday and the word that sprang to mind was "robust" - haha, makes a nice change from "heifer" but it's all the same. Too much fat, too little bone. Come on girls and guys, 2009 can be our year!! Ever closer, ever thinner, almost perfect :)


Pro_Ana_MoDel said...

Yea that's wright that's the spirit for 2009... ever thinner and allmost perfect... We can do it... :)

SophiaRuins said...

damn skipy chika,
this is the year!!

i fell off the wagon during the holidays too, it got pretty bad lol.

but now that its the new year,
im so pumped to get going again.

good luck!!!!

XOXO Sophia Ruins <3

Leni said...

Hi there! It's my first day of work after a long Christmas vacation, too. And as much as I hated getting up early this morning I also feel great to be back at the office because I am back at my routine and there is no boredom in sight which might me make think about food.

After gaining weight (I am sure although I didn't dare to step on the scale) over Christmas I KNOW that I will lose now again.

And I am sure the same goes for you!

Wraith said...

That's a good attitude to take!!!