Wednesday, 26 August 2009

A little boredom

Bored at work today, devised a new game. Anything I eat has a minimum time limit assigned to it, so an apple has to last me at least 45 minutes, a fat free yoghurt 75 minutes, a stick of celery 30 minutes etc. I can feel (and, more importantly, look) as though I'm always eating, without racking up more than about 200 calories.

Thats 200 calories *in theory* Today I'm pretty sure I hit 1,000, greedy cow. Partly I'm blaming my Mom - I was at 350 already by the time I left the house since she prepared and dished up fruit salad with yoghurt and muesli for breakfast. I just can't bring myself to refuse to eat it, knowing that she's woken up about 2 hours earlier than she needs to, to get it for me. I don't ask her to do this though. *sigh*

Today I weigh 132lb.

Fat fat fat. I can't lose it fast enough.


Stick Thin said...

That sounds like a wonderful game. It was nice of you to not offend your mom by eating the meal I suppose. If that we're my mom and I refused she would have ended up in tears, I would have binged or something because my mom always makes me feel like shit.

You'll lose the weight hun. 1.000 cal is a start

SophiaRuins said...

i think it sounds good, and should keep your metabolism running fast if it isnt already.

and youre so close!

just dont give up<3

XOXO Sophia ruins <3