Tuesday, 15 February 2011


...which means I did put on a little during the time in Nepal, but it was less than a pound over the week, so I'm fine with that; it's nothing I can't lose. And the food was so good! We did a lot of walking too, so I wasn't too worried.

Thank you to Cinnamon Brown for your sweet Valentine's wish. How did you guess I was one of those sappy types who totally goes in for Valentine's day? ;)

Re your comment, I'm actually not Nepalese, though I wish I was! I'm Canadian-Indian-Portuguese, but was born in Kathmandu and lived there as a child. Somehow, even though I've lived in Britain longer than I ever lived in Nepal, Nepal still feels like it "fits" me a little better, y'know? I feel less like I'm rattling loosely around inside my head, and more like I'm snugly wrapped in something comfortable and secure.

The trip was amazing. I was not ready to come home by the end of it. We didn't really get out of the city, as we only had a week there and it wasn't actually a holiday for A - he had work to do and people to meet with. But we saw lots of interesting and beautiful things in Kathmandu, met some wonderful people, got some much-needed sunshine, laughed a lot, tried a couple new things, and came home feeling happy and in love. And A managed to meet some really helpful contacts who gave him tons of information for his project.

We didn't have much internet connectivity out there, so I've been catching up on your blogs since getting back. It's always good to read your thoughts and experiences :)

Well, it's warming up here, so I'd like to start running again. I'm ashamed to say I stopped, completely, over the winter. We had an inordinate amount of snow and ice over Christmas, so I intended to just take a break while the roads were slippery, but they've been clear for about a month now and I still haven't got back out there... *looks sheepish* I just hate the cold so much more than anything else! But I'm determined to start again this evening. I'll see if I can force A out into the cold with me too - a little competition always helps!

I hope you all are having a good week - February's such a 'blah' month for many people, but I hope you're finding little things to keep the blues at bay.

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Cinnamon Brown said...

Hey Sophie!

Wow, what an awesome heritage! A true child of the world! I love it! So glad you had a great time. I don't know where I fit, but I sure hope to find out, one day!

Glad you liked the Valentine. I had a feeling that you were a romantic. It's in the way you talk about A.!

Glad you're home safe and sound. <3. XXX.