Monday, 12 December 2011

Oh bugger...

A's colleague's just told him that the party tomorrow is "pretty informal". What does that mean? I don't want to scrap the dress and go in jeans or something - I feel ugly in jeans! And what if "pretty informal" to other people doesn't mean jeans at all, it means casual dresses. Then I'll be extra-ugly. Then again, if you're too overdressed people think you're kind of stuck-up :/

It's not an extremely "dressy" dress; it's black, and knee length, a body-con/pencil fit, shows a bit of cleavage and has little cap sleeves. If you had quite a smart dress code at the office, you could almost wear it to work, except for the fact that it's a bit booby. Kind of "Mad Men", and I do like it a lot. But I don't like the feeling of walking into a room full of people and all the women thinking, "Who the hell does she think she is?!"

A suggested wearing it with flats instead of heels, which I guess could help. But I think it's too long for flats - there's nothing worse than stumpy-calf syndrome is there?!

*sigh*... I know this is a trivial thing, it's just a Christmas party. But it's the first time I'll be meeting anyone from A's work, and I want to make a good impression. I don't want his colleagues sniggering at him because his wife's turned up looking totally inappropriate.

Wish I was a man - what I wouldn't give for "chinos and a shirt" to be the answer to every socio-sartorial crisis...!


Zoie said...

OMG. i am loving the sound of this sexy black dress. hope you wear heels, haters always gonna hate but you're going to look sexy anyway. xoxox

Princess Perfection said...

I say, wear what you want, girlie.
You are going to knock them all out, regardless of how you are dressed. :)
Hope things are going well for you!
Stay positive, stay beautiful. <3