Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christmas Party and a New House!

Zoie and Princess Perfection, you guys were right. I did go with my gut and wore the black dress, with brown high-heeled boots, and felt pretty :) Maybe I was a little more dressed up that some of the others, but not enough that I felt uncomfortable or like the other girls were sending bitchy thoughts my way! And A liked the look, so that's good enough for me :) I did say I'd post some pictures if it ended up going alright, so (deep breath) here they are! (I had to do the whole set-a-3-second-timer-and-then-sprint-to-the-other-side-of-the-room thing, so excuse the "uh, yes, this is totally natural; I don't feel stupid at all..." facial expressions. I was also halfway through getting ready, which is why my hair looks like it hadn't been brushed for a week. Because it hadn't. I did not go out with it looking like that!)

[photos deleted]

So, uh, there you go. That's me.

Now, would you like the same-old, same-old news next? Or the shiny, new, exciting news?!

Well, in same-old, same-old, I'm still hovering around the 120-125 range, which means my BMI, with infuriating predictability, is still hovering around 20. Sigh. This is entirely my own fault. I might just eat the whole family's Christmas dinners this year, move to the forest, and become a fat little recluse.

But, in shiny, new, exciting news, A and I have moved into our little house! It's about 1/3 the size of his parents' place, where we've been living, but it's so nice to have a place that feels like "ours" (even though we're still renting). It's unfurnished, and the grand total of our own furniture is a bed, one old dining chair from the early 1900s that I really do intend to re-upholster one of these days (...) and the wardrobe I was working on over the summer. So we're scouring freecycle and ebay, and trying to resist the overwhelming temptation to blow our life savings on a massive Ikea-thon. But for now we're pretty happy just sitting on the floor and enjoying being there, together, in "our house" :)

This is partly the reason I've been absent from blogging for a while (in addition to the reasons mentioned in my last post, which are also still in play) - because I've been sorting and packing and unpacking and arranging. This will continue for a while, so I may be largely silent over the next few days, especially while we wait for the engineer to come hook up our internet at home.

But I will try to read your blogs whenever I can and keep up on all your news and progress! In case I don't get on here again before Christmas, I wish you all a time of peace and contentment, and a rest from all this yearning and striving to which we subject ourselves.

Much love, Sophie


Princess Perfection said...

Wow, Sophie!
You are totally gorgeous!
Jealous! :)
I hope you had tons of fun at that party and that you are enjoying your new place.
Stay positive, stay beautiful! <3

Anonymous said...

What a great dress. You look good. Congrats on the move. I know having your "own" place separate from the parents was really important to you.

black angel said...

You're really beautiful girl.
Wishing You all the best with you new house. Make it your safe place.
Love You

Beth said...

Wow you look beautiful. This may sound strange but it is so odd to be able to see what you look like now! You've been so amazingly inspirational to me from the word go. And its truely lovely to be able to put the kind words the name and the blog to a face.

The dress is phenomenal, not to mention the figure! And you look amazing. Hope you had a great night. <3

Miss Burton said...

Congrats on movint inot the new house!
Oh the chair sounds lovely, I love old furniture!

And you look amazing!
Your hair made me jealous - please never ever brush your hair, it looked really good!

Anonymous said...

You're really beautiful!!
I wanted to say that I'm Sophie, too :) Hello!