Friday, 7 October 2011

Thank you :)

I need to keep this post real short because I've done about 4 hours' worth of work during the 7 hours I've been in the office today and really need to kick my butt into gear. But I just wanted to say thank you to Stick ThinBeth, and Miranda, AKA Fed Up for giving me a little perspective after my last post. I did finally pluck up the courage to ask A about the letter last night, and he said he was "already half-way through it" and that it's hard for him to express himself in a way that he doesn't think sounds stupid... Isn't that just the sweetest thing? I felt unbelievably guilty for being so impatient and not trusting him with it... :|
Y'know, in the back of my mind I do know that he loves me and that he's the best husband out there (for me at least :) I'm sure your husbands are the best ones for you!) but sometimes I let myself get so worked up into a - what was the word you used Miranda? Oh, a "tizzy"! That was spot on - that I can't see past my own fears to what's true. And at times like that it's just so great to have you girls here with your calm words of wisdom and encouragement to remind me of what's really important.
I think all you girls (and guys!) who read this are wonderful. I just know that I'd be so much more insane without you! I wish you all a fabulous, free weekend.
Love, Sophie xx


Stick Thin said...

Yay. I'm glad you were able to talk about things. That is what has always been an important thing in our relationship, communication. Ha ha silly, but things can fester and neither of you know whats wrong when no one talks about it. Don't feel too guilty. you were just being a girl :)

Zoie said...

followed. do the same?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your lovely words! I'm happy for you that youre feeling better an things seem to work out! :)