Friday, 22 July 2011

The week so far

I don't have a great deal to say today (you'll be pleased to hear - hehe) but I wanted to write a post purely because I'm feeling so upbeat and I'm conscious of how easy it is only to blog when you're feeling miserable and need some support. And hey, who wants to listen to me whining all day? Didn't think so.

So here's a happy post to counteract some of the negativity I throw at you all sometimes!

I've lost 2lbs since I started my "wager on weight loss". This is just because I drop weight really fast for the first couple weeks of a new program (presumably a lot of it's just water weight though). After a couple of weeks it's hell to shift. But I'm just going to enjoy this easy part while it lasts :)

Tonight we're throwing a surprise birthday party for my best friend, at her favourite Italian restaurant. This was actually A's idea, and I'm really glad he thought of it. They do some really good salads there, and post their menus online (why doesn't everyone do this?!) so that those of us who are watching our intake can research their choices beforehand. 

In unrelated news, I've found a couple of silhouette cutters on ebay for under £100. These normally retail at about £250 in the UK, so this is a steal. This would hugely expand the potential for making home decor projects - you can use it to cut wall stencils, fabric patches for applique, vinyl transfers, and about a thousand other things. All that remains is to persuade A of what an asset this would be to our home... heh. £100 may well be a relative steal, but it's still more than we would normally spend on something we don't really need.

If I get one, I'll post my first project here :) I've been wanting to alter a dress I have, to make it look like this (which also costs more than I can justify spending on something I don't need!):

But I don't want black fabric for the belt/sash. Even though the black and cream does look really classy I think I'd like something a little lighter and more playful. Or maybe I'll make it so the belt and bow can be changed to suit the occasion. Anyway, I'm struggling to find a fabric I really love, but with this machine I could cut some stencils and screen print my own...

For now, though, I'd better get back to work. I'm researching Cameroonian languages at the moment - pretty interesting if you're a linguistics geek :)

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, filled with things that make you smile.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the 2 lbs! Have a good weekend too.

kes said...

Congrats on the loss! Keep it up! And I like the dress and the colors look good together but I know that the cream color isn't a color I could wear. It would make me look yellow-ish. Hopefully you can find some pretty fabric and make your own version of it. If I could sew, I would probably sew a lot of my own clothes, but my mom has an old sewing machine and the belt is going bad and yeah... I might try to learn if she gets a new one.

Cinnamon Brown said...


Well done on your loss! Hope you get that stencil cutter. Sounds like something worth having! Very useful!

Did you ever finish that coffee table you were working on? I'd love to see anything you've made!

That dress is stunning! Yes, a lighter colour would be so pretty. You're right about the black and cream. Super classy!

Hope you enjoy the party. Love you, Soph. <3. XXX.

black angel said...

Great Baby!Keep going.
I totally love dress.
I hope the party was great.
Have a wonderful new week.

Princess Perfection said...

Wow, 2 lbs. already?!
Well done, Sophie! :)
It is so nice to see positivity!
That is the attitude that will take you places. :D
That dress is super classy.
I cannot wait for the day I can pull something like that off! :)
Hope you are doing fantastic!
Stay positive, stay beautiful! <3